Oyster Candle w/ Wood Wick

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This handmade candle from Oyster Candle Company is adorned with an oyster shell and makes the ultimate beach house candle! 9 ounces of a soy/paraffin blended wax with a wood wick. 
- Phthalate Free
- 50+ hours of burn time 
Sea Salt & Palmetto: inspired by the Carolina coastlines. The elegant yet soft floral scents will instantly make you think of a day at the spa. Infused with natural orange oil. Key scents: sea salt and soft hints of wood, lilies and jasmine.
Champagne Cocktail: Pop, clink and sparkle this unique blend. Key scents: Champagne, black currant and citrus.
Sea La Vie: The sweet yet salty oceanic accords combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. Sea La Vie is an ideal year round scent that makes an excellent addition to any room!
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