Eco-Friendly Hair Towel

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Look chic in and out of the shower with Kitsch's Eco-Friendly Hair Towel! These luxuriously soft & absorbent hair towels are consciously created from organic cotton and bamboo making them kind on the environment, & gentle for your skin & hair. The Hair Towel accommodates all hair lengths while providing comfort during your post shower routines.

• Soft natural material is gentle on all hair types
• Friction-free drying in a fraction of time
• Helps reduce heat drying time
• Helps tame frizz & reduce hair breakage
• Chemical-free & fully biodegradable
• Stretch elastic trim creates an easy pocket to accommodate all hair lengths
• Stylish design
• Highly absorbent 100% natural fibers
• Packaging functions as a reusable waterproof travel pouch


Brand: Kitsch

Fabrication: Made in China

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